A great time for Russia.  Andrey is the first runner from Russia to run in a  North Pole Marathon

North Pole Marathon Andrey Chirko

North Pole Expedition 2003
Martin Tighe (United Kingdom) was the winner of the North Pole Marathon 2003
This is Page two for the North Pole Marathon of 2003. 
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This exhibit was posted on 5-29-2003

Please Note:  The background on this page is an aerial photo of the sea ice near the island of Svalbard, Norway

North Pole Marathon 2003 Page 2

Andrey Chirko is getting ready fro his great run around the world on the North Pole
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek
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Andrey Chirko

Andrey has run seventy-four marathons in the past twelve years,
   averaging one per month in the last year alone. He is certainly no
   stranger to cold weather running, having participated in marathons
   in Siberia and Antarctica among other frigid locations. However,
   not content with competing in cold weather conditions of down to
   -25C, he has also run races in temperatures scorching upwards to
   +36C. Included among his big city marathons are Moscow, St.
   Petersburg, Istanbul, Athens, London and New York.

   An accomplished writer, Andrey has published thirty-five articles in
   the last two years about marathon running and is also due to
   complete a book on the subject in 2003. According to Andrey, “I
   write primarily to inform Russian people of the joys of marathon
   running and to encourage them to actively engage in running
   activities”. He believes that accounts of his own participation in the
   North Pole Marathon will further this end.

   We welcome Andrey to the North Pole Marathon in the certainty
   that it will be another positive and unique addition to his athletics

Text Courtesy of North Pole Marathon Official Site.

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