Siamak Hatami, Explorer Adventruer from Iran, famous people in Iran

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Siamak Hatami
Pictures In India.

3This is what the a7 corsair II looked like at NAS Lemoore, California
Explorer/Adventurer from Iran.
Famous Iranian People.

Imgenes en la India.

Siamak Hatami a Famous Iranian Explorer visits India (Bombay) spring 1995.

Siamak Hatami from Iran.
Siamak Hatami was the first person from Iran to stand on the North Pole.  To see the North Pole Exhibit, Here

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India (mombay)            spring 1995
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When you are looking at these pictures of an Iranian man, look at where he's been.  He's been in war and he's been to countries all over the world including visiting Northern Siberia and the Geographic North Pole.

Siamak is a man just like you and me.  He's no different.  He has a family, a wife, a little boy, and a job.  He travels freely all over his country and the world.  He has dreams of doing things and he has a very good education. 

Click Here in the United States, the Iranians are looked down on by our propaganda media making them look like they are all stupid, not allowed to travel, all live in little very poor houses and villages, they are all terrorist and I have heard both President Clinton and President Bush say that they should have our morals. 

This is the big difference between the United States and Iran.  They don't want our morals.  They have their own country and they run it the way they want to.  But when I think of the morals of the United States, all you have to do is to look at the television and listen to our music.  The TV talks about Sex, Violence, Hate and the ads are Viagra, Calais, or the Playboy Party.  Our TV and Music in the U.S. is designed to increase violence and make our kids use drugs, violence, sex, learn useless things and break up the family. 

This is why there are about 2.2 million prisoners in the United States.  The US has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prisoners.  Why is this?  My brother, who is about ten years older than me, explained this to me about forty years ago when he was going to law school.  He said that his lawyer buddies told him that when the TV program, "Divorce Court" came on TV, the lawyers income went up ten times.  This is exactly why the US has so much crime.  When there is more crime, lawyers make more money.  Wouldn't you like to have ten times the income?

A number of years ago I was reading that in the United States there is one lawyer to every two hundred people.  But, in Japan, there is one lawyer to every two thousand people.  Our TV is being used as a propaganda and psychological weapon against our own people just so the lawyers can make more money.

Another man named Roy Carlson in the early part of WW2 also explained that the US Government is being infiltrated by NAZI's and that we need to take special care about this issue.

Dr. James Kennedy also spoke about the attacks on the United States from within using psychological warfare.  Dr. Kennedy explained that Karl Marx, the father of communism, said that he could take a democratic country and make them pay for the rope to hang themselves.  How do you do it, Get the kids interested in drugs, get the kids interested in sex, get the kids interested in useless things and break up the family.  Take a look at American and European TV today.  It's Sex, Violence, Bounce a Ball and Divorce Court.

While I was on the 2002 North Pole Expedition, one of the Russian Guides was a former KGB Agent.  His job was the supervisor of electronic surveillance on American Forces in West Germany.  After we spoke about these types of programs on American TV, he told me that Russia spent a tremendous amount of money supporting programs like Soap Operas and Divorce Court.

After traveling all around the world for forty years, I have been able to see that all of this is true.  The United States has truly been attacked from within by the above mentioned methods using psychological warfare

When I was stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1977 and 1978, I was reading a Scientific American Study which was the results of their test on middle school students from fifty countries.  Where did the United States fit in the results.  Was it number one or two?  Absolutely not, it was number forty-eight and was even below Viet Nam a war torn country.

The United States is a country in decline for many years and the past several years the morals are non-morals, education is playing a Kill, Kill, Kill video game, smoking dope or bouncing a ball.  Electronic Engineering News had an article that said by the year 2010 we will be having one half the students graduating with PhD's in Computer and Scientific fields, yet we need twice the amount.  Did you every hear of the fall of the Roman Empire?  In not too many years, you will be reading history books talking about the fall of the American Empire.

But in conclusion, People are people everywhere.  It doesn't matter what country or what race or what religion you are, people are people.  There are good people and bad people from all nations.  Siamak is one of the better persons that I have ever met.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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