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Building the Pitts Aerobatic Airplane, Wing Alignment

Roger Smith is putting the wings on this Pitts Aerobatic Airplane and performing the wing alignment, 

How to kit plane procedures.


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Here's the most beautiful aerobatic airplanes anywhere, the Pitts S-1C

Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

Plane Built By Roger Smith

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Notice the landing gear in this picture.  

You can see the springs and struts required for its construction and can see the degree of complexity and increase in frontal area that they >create.

Now that the plane is completely painted it's time to put the wings its on.  We are using five gallon plastic buckets with blankets to support the ends of the wings while the wing roots are bolted to the fuselage.

This is not really a kit plane, you must build every component of this plane.  With a Kit Plane, you build only some components, many of the components come pre built.  The rule is the 51% rule where you must build 51% of the entire airplane for it to be considered a homebuilt airplane. 

The Pitts is one of the most highly popular aerobatic airplanes. When you complete your own kit plane you know that you accomplished something and you will have one of the most beautiful aerobatic airplanes anywhere.





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