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The Japanese Aircraft Carriers  Zuikaku was built in Kobe, Japan.  The Zuikaku was commissioned in September of 1941 and was sunk on October 25, 1944.  The Suikaku participated in attcks on Rabaul in the East Indies and the Indian Ocean.  In the early part of May 1942 the Zuikaku took part in the Battle of the Coral Sea.  The Zuikaku along with the Shokaku were not present in the Battle of Midway.  During the rest of 1942 Zuikaku was involved in the Guadalcanal Campaign taking part in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons in August and in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in October.   In the first part of 1944 June 19th-20th, the Zuikaku fought in the Battle of the Philipine Sea.  On October 25th, 1944, the Zuikaku along with three other other Japanese Aircraft Carriers in a battle of of Layte in the Philippines.  These Japanese Ship Models will bring all kinds of history into focus.
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Japanese Navy Ships.

IJN Carrier Zuikaku 1/350 Kit

IJN Carrier Zuikaku 1/350 Kit
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Replicating the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier Zuikaku as she appeared in 1944's Battle of Leyte Gulf (where she became the last of the six Japanese Pearl Harbor attack carriers to be sunk), this newly tooled, 1/350 scale, plastic kit will be a wonderful addition to your Pacific Theater warship display!

You get beautifully textured surfaces; movable masts and three optional-position deck elevators; clear plastic aircraft, including two Mitsubishi Type 21 "Zero" fighters, two Mitsubishi Type 52 "Zero" fighters, two Nakajima B6N Tenzan "Jill" torpedo bombers, and two Ki-21 Type 97 "Sally" attack bombers; full armament; metal anchor chains and plenty of photo-etched metal detail parts; authentic markings; display pedestals and a nameplate; and much more. 28" long; 1,213 parts, skill level 3.

Price: $329.00
Japanese Carrier Zuikaku 1/700 Kit
Plastic Model Ship Kit.
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This 1/700 scale waterline series plastic kit of the Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku features a highly detailed exterior with a variety of armament, a sophisticated hull and bridge, airplanes, lifeboats, and more. Measures 14½" long and 1¾" wide; assembly required.  .....#0091174 $39.95

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