Famous People and Famous Explorers. 

World famous people in world history, books, pictures, videos and DVD movies.  Included are famous male and famous women in American history and world history, plus some almost famous people that had a big influence on our world and American history too.  This list of famous people is rapidly growing and the pages of each of the world famous people are growing also, so come back and look at the new page additions.

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World famous people in world history, famous male and famous women in American history and world history.

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A huge collection of famous people Videos, DVD Movies, Books and Models, plus famous groups like the USAF Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels.  All of these famous people and famous explorers have made significant contributions to our history and our country.  Amelia Earhart was one of the greatest women aviators, Sergeant York saved hundreds of American and German lives by single handedly stopping a huge battle. The Wright Brothers added a whole new dimension to our lives by inventing the worlds first flying machine.  The USAF Thunderbirds and the US Navy Blue Angels demonstrate advanced flight maneuvers and build dreams and hopes for our young and future aviators.  President John F. Kennedy fought in World War 2 and then gave us the dream and reality of flying to the moon.  All of these people and many more not mentioned here have given us the future that has made America the richest country with the greatest opportunity of any nation in the world.  These pages also talk about the not so famous or almost famous people that have made a behind the scenes contribution to world history like Mr. Curtis Lieber.  All of these people and groups have influenced my life and by reading these pages in this section, you too will have a better, happier future.  C. Jeff Dyrek.

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