The Mighty Eighth Air Force, World War II, by Ben Kidder

 The Mighty Eighth Air Force WWII,
The First Plane to Land on the Willow Airport Property.

The Mighty Eighth Air Force WW2 Page 4

Picture of the first airplane to land on the Willow Run Airport property

Imagen del primer avin en aterrizar en el aeropuerto de Willow propiedad Ejecutar



The Mighty Eighth Air Force
World War II

by Warren Benjamin Kidder

  The first plane to land at the Willow Run Airport, plus Charles Lindbergh, B-24 Liberator Test Pilot.

B-24 Liberator Bombers

Picture of the fist plane to land on the Willow Run Airport Property

  This is the first plane to land on what became the Willow Run Airport, 1936 

Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Sequel to "Willow Run the Colossus of Industry"
about the construction of the B-24 Liberator

  Here's Warren Benjamin Kidders, Willow Run The Colossus of Industry         Here's the Movie Script for Willow Run

    Charles A. LindberghThe first plane, a Piper Cub, landed on my father's farm in 1936, Ben Kidder said.  It's pilot William "Gerry" Spurr had come to visit his aunt, my mother, and his Grandmother, Phoebe Dickson.

William Spurr worked with Charles Lindbergh and and tested fighter plane high altitude performance.  Later, after obtaining a letter, personally written by Lindbergh, to leave Willow, Run, William Spurr became an Army Air Force fighter plane instructor. 

In addition to his responsibilities as Ford's Engineering Consultant, Charles Lindbergh flight tested, many B-24 LiberatorP-47 Thunderbold Fighter Aircraft bombers coming off of the assembly lines.  He also performed high altitude test on the Republic P-47 ignition system and was the only pilot to achieve an altitude of over 42,000 feet.  Born on February 4th, 1903, almost a year before the Wright Brothers flew their first airplane at Kitty Hawk, Lindbergh purchased his first airplane from World War 1 Army Surplus.  Four years later, on May 20, 1927, he left Long Island, N.Y. on the fist solo flight across the Atlantic to Paris, a 33 1/2 hour flight that catapulted him into immediate, lasting world recognition.  Politically ostracized by President Roosevelt for his independent political position, Lindbergh gave his Colonel's Commission back to the President, and served in World War II by flying combat duty for General MacArthur in the South Pacific as an unpaid civilian.  Charles Lindbergh was the only civilian to ever have shot down a Japanese Zero.  After the war the U.S. Congress made him a Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve.


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Here's Warren Benjamin Kidders New Book, The Mighty Eighth Air Force        Here's the Movie Script for Willow Run



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