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B-25 Mitchell Aviation Art  WW2 Military Bomber Aircraft B25.

B-25 Mitchell Bomber from WW2
B-25 Mitchel Bomber airplane models used by Jimmy Doolittle in the Tokyo Raid against Japan.
B-25 Mitchell Aviation Art Prints, Airplane Posters of the WW2 military bomber the B25 Mitchell.  The B-25 is Famous for the Jimmy Doolittle Raid against Japan in WW2.

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The B-25 Mitchell The North American B-25 Mitchell was one of the best-known medium bombers of World War II, especially remembered for its use in the Doolittle raid on Japan in 1942 and its participation in every major theater of the war. Less known, however, is its continued role in the postwar world, both in military and civilian service. Thousands of war surplus B-25's sat on airfields in 1945, available to the highest bidder. Though most B-25's, as other warplanes, were scrapped and smelted, hundreds did enjoy a postwar career in the civil sector. The B-25 is now one of the most prolific surviving Warbirds, and this book tells the story of the type in the years since the end of World War II. The B-25 has provided diverse and distinguished service in roles from fire-fighting to movie production. This books covers all of these roles and includes hundreds of photographs, detailed appendices, and individual aircraft histories of each of the civilian B-25's.

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B-25 Aviation Art
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Engaging the Enemy

Engaging the Enemy
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William Phillips. Following the famous April 18, 1942, Doolittle Raid on Japan, B-25 Mitchell #10 keeps the enemy at bay as it crosses the hostile skies of Japan en route to China.

This 23"x 23", limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by four Doolittle Raid flight crew: Col. Richard Cole (Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot!), Maj. Edward Saylor, Maj. Thomas Griffin and S/Sgt. David Thatcher. It even includes printed remarques of a Mitsubishi Zero and Crew #10's B-25 Mitchell near the Raiders' signing area!

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British Ground Crew of the RAF Servicing an American Made B-25 Mitchell Bomber
24x18 Photographic Print 

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B-25 Mitchell
17x12 Fine Art Print
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Robert Bailey


The Royce Raid The Royce Raid
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Richard Taylor. On April 12, 1942, under the command of General Ralph Royce and almost a week before the Doolittle raid, this B-25C and six others - along with three B-17s - of the 5th Air Force took off from Del Monte in the Philippines to hit the harbor and shipping targets at Cebu. 35½"x 23¼" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by one of only two surviving Royce Raid veterans.
Derailing the Tokyo Express Derailing the Tokyo Express
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Randy Green. Lazy Daisy Mae and squadron mate Cactus Kitten, both B-25J-11 Mitchell Bombers of the 501st Bomb Squadron, 345th Bomb Group, maneuver wildly in their deadly bid to contest Japanese coastal shipping in late 1944. The 345th Air Apaches perfected the hazardous art of low-level destruction against Japanese naval and merchant fleets. 28"x 20" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
B-25 B-25
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Robert Bailey. Dramatic study of a B-25 Mitchell in flight shows the grace and power of this war machine. Limited edition print measures 17¼"x 12" and is signed and numbered by the artist.
Ave Maria Ave Maria
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Russell Smith. B-25J Mitchells of the 321st Bomb Group fly from their base in southern Italy during the late stages of World War II. 17"x 13" print is signed by the artist.
Into the Teeth of the Wind Into the Teeth of the Wind
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Robert Taylor. Bound for Tokyo, Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle launches his B-25 Mitchell from the heaving deck of the carrier USS Hornet on the morning of April 18, 1942. 29¾"x 23½" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by five Doolittle Raiders.
Westbound Westbound
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A Date with the General
William S. Phillips. Having bombed its targets in Kobe, Japan, during the Doolittle Raid of April 18, 1942, the B-25B Mitchell - No. 15 - flown by Lt. Donald G. Smith heads toward the Chinese coast. 22"x 25¾" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by eight Doolittle Raiders.

Welcome Little Brother Welcome Little Brother
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Nixon Galloway. A pair of B-25s, one with battle damage, is returning from a mission in the vast Pacific Theater. They are relieved and thankful when a P-51 Mustang joins to escort them home. He is a welcome sight, and indeed a brother, as they both come out of the same company and both first flew in the same year. 27"x 22" print.
Simpson Harbor Simpson Harbor
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Michael Hagel. On November 2, 1942, the Fifth Air Force attacked Rabaul, led by Major John Henebry of the Third Attack Group. Here, Henebry's B-25, Notre Dame de Victoire, pulls away from the cruiser Haguro after bombing a freighter nearby. Damaged by the cruiser, Henebry was then attacked by Zeros forcing him to make a water landing. Limited edition print measures 31"x 23" and is signed and numbered by the artist and Major Henebry.
North American B-25 Mitchell North American B-25 Mitchell
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Tony Weddel. Many strikes were carried out against the Japanese stronghold at Rabaul. The attack pictured here took place on November 2, 1943 when B-25s and P-38s of the 5th Air Force braved the massive anti-aircraft defenses of Rabaul to press home their attacks. The B-25 shown is flown by Major Paul "Pappy" Gunn and is a "strafer:" 50-caliber machine guns, combined with skip-bombing techniques, allowed these aircraft to inflict tremendous damage. 23"x 19" print.
B-25 Mitchell WW2 Bomber

B-25 Mitchell 16 x 20 Military Art Print Posters
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  • High Quality Poster
  • Printed on 65-80lb paper
  • Standard size Ready for Framing
  • Rolled In Gift Quality Tissue and Shipped in Sturdy Tube
  • ASIN: B001629ZR0

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General James Doolittle B-25 Production Plant.

General James Doolittle B-25 Production Plant.
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  • Print Title: General James Doolittle - B-25 Plant
  • Artist: National Archive
  • Frame Description: black metal frame with no matting
  • Image size: 13.5 x 10.5, Paper size: 14.0 x 11.0, Framed size: 14.8 x 11.8
    ASIN: B0002PCG8W

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Into the Arms of the Dragon

B-25 Mitchell, Lt. Bomber 16 x 20 Mi.   Buy Now or Just More Information.

Posters By Impact,...

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Into the Arms of the Dragon Into the Arms of the Dragon
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William Phillips. At a small break in the clouds over Chuchow, China, crew members of B-25 Mitchell #5 - which is running out of fuel - bail out following the Doolittle Raid on Japan. 25"x 19½" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by six Doolittle Raiders, including Lt. Bill Bower (pilot), Lt. Richard Cole (co-pilot), Lt. Robert Hite (co-pilot), Lt. T.C. Griffin (navigator), Sgt. Ed Horton (engineer/gunner) and Sgt. D.J. Thatcher (engineer/gunner).

Ruptured Duck Nose Art Panel
Gary Velasco. 
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Reproduction nose art from the B-25B 40-2261, flown by Doolittle Raider Lt. Ted W. Lawson. He and his crew crashed in the China Sea after their successful bombing of Tokyo. 40"x 18" panel comes ready to hang and features  actual rivet holes, accurate markings, and slight weathering. It's so authentic, you'll  think it's from the actual plane!  .....#0007970 $225.00

Messerschmitt Bf 109 Messerschmitt Bf 109
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Tony Weddel. Obw. Heinrich Bartels of IV/JG 27 uses his Bf-109G to down a B-25 of the 321st Bomb Group, 12th Air Force. He also downed a P-38 escort fighter in the same action, and went on to score a total of 99 victories in the Bf-109 before he was killed in action in December 1944. 23"x 19" print. $19.95
U.S. Military Airplanes of World War II U.S. Military Airplanes of World War II
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Display your appreciation for the U.S. fighters, bombers, scouts, trainers, transports and other aircraft that paved the way to victory in World War II! Featuring more than 25 aircraft -from the iconic P-51 Mustang and B-17 Flying Fortress to the C-47 Skytrain and CG-4A Hadrian - this poster measures 23½"x 17½".






Interior of Military B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Fine Art Photography Print (11.4" x 11.0")

A Special B-25 Request:
I represent a group of people in Grand Junction Colorado that for about a year have been trying to get an Air Museum and Veterans Memorial going here in Grand Junction.  We have a B-25 that we are trying to buy and need your help with donations to the cause.  Our group is known as CAMMO-Colorado Aviation Museum Maintenance Organization.  Please send any donations to: 
Colorado Aviation Museum Maintenance Organization 
2780 Landing View Ln.
Grand Junction Co. 81506. 
Make any checks payable to CAMMO.  Thank you very much, 
Warren Henderson,   Project Manager 

From the Webmaster:  I have called and checked this organization out and it is a legitimate group.  C. Jeff Dyrek.
I just found your website.  Wow! My father flew a B-25 in World War II,  in the Royal Netherlands Air Force.  The Netherlands was occupied by   the Germans at the time, so the United States granted Queen Wilhelmina and  Princess Juliana permission to train Dutch expatriates in the US. They  trained in Kansas City and Jackson, Mississippi at US air bases.  I have  never seen any info about them, and very little about B-25 Mitchell's,  which were obtained by the Dutch from the US.  Walt Disney designed  their insignia, which I believe was a gremlin in a wooden shoe with wings 


Veterans here

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USS Salt Lake City (CA-25) assisted in Doolittle's raids

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)
the Account of Jimmy Doolittle
and the B-25 Mitchell bomber


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